The CES Innovation Awards have Honored Great Innovations in Technology

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

((Mettis Trainer — October 29, 2015) — The CES Innovation awards are held every year with the objective of honoring people and institutions which have shown outstanding design in engineering in the consumer technology products. This year, the award was characterized by a lot of innovation and ingenuity.

Here are some of the products that were eye catching. All of them are actually supposed to make life easier and also entertain the user. Some of them are even able to solve problems that the user didn’t know existed.

AIR² from Axxess CE

The AIR² is actually a floating Bluetooth speaker which is made by the Axxess CE. This device is able to levitate and spin over the base and at the same time punch out quite a powerful sound. The audio feature might not be good compared to the competing products, but it has some visual attractiveness that leaves the audience fascinated. The device was able to win the Portable Media Players and Accessories award.

MiCoach Smart Ball from Adidas

The MiCoach smart ball from Adidas costs $ 220, and it actually has a special integraadidas-smart-ballted sensor that is able to detect the ball’s speed, flight path, spin and also the impact point. This ball won the award in the category of fitness, sports and biotech. This is actually a new category that is growing very fast. The main aim of the award is to ensure that we remain healthy. The kick data is transmitted through Bluetooth wirelessly in to an IOS app. When it get there, it is displayed in a very visual way. The ball is actually supposed to help you perfect your football techniques.

Scanify scanner from Fuel3D Inc.

This device is a $1,500.00 handheld 3D scanning system. It is able to easily deliver very high resolution 3D shape and color capture for a variety of creative applications. Its developers are have relied in part on the Kick Starter fundraising program.

Parrot RNB6 from PARROT

This actually an Android Infotainment System which is believed to enhances you driving experience. The device is actually designed for the cars that do not have a system which is built in from the manufacturer. It has some unique features, and some of them include; navigation and also driving assistance, advanced audio player and radio, and then the vocal and steering wheel controls. This device is expected to cost you $800.00

SUHD TV from Samsung

105-inch SUHD TV from Samsung is known to many as the world’s first and also the largest bendable TV. The TV has true-to-life color expression and very high contrast too. The device will give you a superior cinematic viewing experience for $ 10,000. If this trend goes on, you might a bigger house to accommodate the increasing dimensions for television sets.


Snap from Sengled


Snap from Sengled is actually an indoor or outdoor LED PAR lamp, but the manufacturer has managed to cleverly integrate a 720p HD IP camera, a microphone, and a speaker too. The device is supports voice and also motion activation for your home security.







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