Mettis Trainer® can help Fix Your Running Mechanics

Thursday, December 3, 2015


(Mettis Trainer — December 3, 2015) –It is vital to have good form while running. Bad form is the most common cause of injuries related to running. It is better to invest the time in preventing injuries than to deal with them later on. Improper technique can put a lot of pressure on your legs and knees. This extra pressure will start to take its toll on your body over time. You may not notice these injuries right away, but they will get worse over time if corrections are not made.

If left untreated, this injury could prevent you from running for a while. However, proper technique will allow you to run without worrying about many common injuries. Correcting problems with stride and foot-strike will help you avoid downtime and trips to the doctor. Good technique will keep running safe and enjoyable.

Correcting Stride

Correcting your stride is the first step in preventing injuries related to running. Most stride mistakes are easily corrected. A common mistake is to let your thighs rotate as your feet hit the ground. This mistake can cause knee injuries. Most knee injuries have to be diagnosed by a doctor.
Depending on how severe the injury is, it could take a few months to recover fully. Luckily, this one is an easy fix. Pay attention to your stride, and make an active effort to prevent your thighs from rotating by using the muscles on your outer hip. This method will prevent your thighs from rotating, and it will reduce the pressure on your knees.
Achilles Tendinitis is another common injury related to running. Achilles Tendinitis causes pain or tightness in the ankle. It is the result of swelling in the Achilles’ tendon. This injury is caused when runners over pronounce their foot as they push off the ground. Achilles Tendinitis can usually be treated with medicine and rest. But, in extreme cases, Achilles tendinitis may require surgery to correct.
To avoid over pronouncing your foot, make sure you push off with your big toe. You also want to keep your knees straight. This method will significantly reduce the amount of pressure on your ankle.

Mettis Trainer

Diagnosing stride and foot-strike problems can be tricky.  After all, most of us run the same way that we have run since childhood.

Changes can seem awkward and unnatural at first.  One way to understand and correct problems with your mechanics is to enlist the help of a personal trainer to work with you on a daily basis. Personal trainers can be a big help, but they can also be expensive. As a result, hiring a personal trainer is not always practical.

The Mettis Trainer® is an advanced technology used to monitor the performance of runners. It can be inserted in your shoes. The system displays real-time data via Bluetooth™to a wireless device. These proprietary BendSensors measure force applied in each heel, and on the lateral and medial side of the foot.

The Mettis Trainer® tracks cadence, foot landing technique and percentage of weight distribution on both feet as you walk and run. The Mettis Trainer® dashboard also accurately counts steps, monitors speed and distance and progress toward running goals.

This technology is an invaluable resource. It is just like having an expert trainer with you every single time you run. The Mettis Trainer® will improve your performance and help prevent injury at the same time. The Mettis Trainer will cost you less than a week with a quality personal trainer. The Mettis Trainer is for anyone who runs on a regular basis and wants to take proactive steps to protect their health.

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About Bend Tech, LLC

Bend Tech, LLC develops next generation sensor technology, including the Mettis Trainer(r) designed to improve athletic performance. Based in Salt Lake City, Bend Tech was founded by Jules Anthony “Tony” deGreef, a former California Highway Patrol officer with over 30 years of entrepreneurial and executive sports experience. The Mettis Trainer received the International CES 2016 Innovation Award as an Honoree in the Fitness, Sports and Biotech. The public, retailers and manufacturers can be among the first to give Mettis Trainer a run at the International CES Show in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2016 at booth No. 72961.