Holy Grail of Golf Instruction helps Find the Swing Zone

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


(Mettis Trainer — November 18, 2015) – Once the quest begins for the elusive golf swing “zone,” golfers will turn to coaching, new clubs, a variety of tools and lots of time on the driving range and the course to find it.

However, what if the quest led to the bottom of your soles?

The golf swing involves numerous complicated mechanical tasks to rotate properly, largely based on the stance, balance and -here’s the key- weight shift through the swing. Until now, measuring these have been difficult and cumbersome. Finding this “zone” with your golf swing requires identifying the individual’s balance and weight shift, and repeating it.

Developed by sports executive Tony deGreef, golfers can now “feel” their way into the zone by connecting, and adjusting, to any balance changes throughout the swing.

Here’s how it works -insert Mettis Trainers(r)into each golf shoe, sync with a mobile app, and you’re quest for the zone is being dialed in. According to deGreef, one high-ranking sporting goods executive said, “Mettis is the holy grail of golf instruction.”

“The added intelligence helps the golfer align muscle memory with actual data, and continue refining their swing from the ground up until they have that ideal foundation and transfer to accommodate the golf swing,” said deGreef, who has a distinguished career in athletics and innovating new businesses.

Whether on the driving range or walking the course, Mettis Trainer connects golfers with real-time monitoring and feedback guiding adjustments from swing to swing, and logging recorded swings for analysis later.

Basic Functionality

Mettis Trainer shoe inserts pair with a companion mobile and devices or club mounted PCBs. Once paired, the device will initiate data collection and transmission.

  • The golf system software will be tailored to balance heel to toe, weight transfer trailing foot to lead foot. To get this data, you have to use a $19,000 force plate system.
  • Video will be introduced to allow playback of good versus bad back swings including weight transfer on the feet.
  • The device will time stamp and synchronize the various data streams and complete the processing.
  • When putting, the device will give you your exact true balance points, audibly or visual, however you choose.
  • The processed data will then be presented at the device’s screen in a meaningful manner. The information on the screen can be manipulated by the end user as feedback and learning tool.
  • You can receive an audible signal or no signal at all.
  • Five pre-set limits (or ranges) will be part of the software and firmware for the inserts. For example:
  • Pre-set A will be used for a driver
  • Pre-set B for fairway woods, utility clubs, and mid irons
  • Pre-set C will be used for short irons

Pre-set D for chip and pitch shots

Pre-set F will be programmable by the user. Programmable meaning the user will have the ability to arbitrarily enter in their own set of values.

Basic Construction (Weight: 57 grams)

  • A Flexpoint Bend Sensor(r) is placed in the insert of each shoe. Each sensor will have an individual sensing element under the Medial, lateral and heel. The concept is to monitor the weight transfer of the individual from heel to toe and inside to outside of the foot.
  • Each insert will have a Printed Circuit Board embedded into the sole. Included with the PCB are a microprocessor, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) transceiver, Lithium battery and a charging coil for wireless charging.
  • All PCB assemblies will pair with a smart phone or tablet, either Android or iOS. The tablet or phone will process the information provided by the applicable boards within the insert.


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