Mettis Trainer® Won Awards from CES and Tom’s Guide

Saturday, January 16, 2016

(Mettis Trainer — January 15, 2016) — The Mettis Trainer® won the 2016 Best of Show award from Tom’s Guide, a 2016 CES Innovation Award and is listed as the 2016 CES Top Pick for Best Health and Fitness Device on Tom’s The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held from Jan. 6 – 9, 2016, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Mettis Trainer® is a pair of removable insoles that have three potentiometers. The batteries are recharged with a wireless charger. The insoles were developed by Bend Tech, LLC, which is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.


The removable insoles are available in several sizes and can be inserted into different pairs of shoes. The innovative design permits athletes to use the same tracking sensors in running shoes or in golf shoes. The tracking sensors in a typical pair of smart shoes are not removable and are simply discarded with the shoes. The Mettis Trainer® inserts are durable, comfortable, weigh less than 60 grams and may need to be replaced after a total distance of 300 – 500 miles. The insoles are priced at $199 USD.


Each insole has three flexible potentiometers, which bend and then transmit the data. The measurements are taken at the heel, the lateral longitudinal arch and the medial longitudinal arch on the sole of a foot. The proprietary potentiometers are marketed as Bend Sensors® and were manufactured by Flexpoint Sensor Systems. The tracking sensors are longer than two inches and will transmit data that can be displayed with a mobile app such as on an Android.


The versatility of the Mettis Trainer® was increased with the API, which is used for importing the data into fitness apps. The Bend Sensors® provide information about the number of steps per minute and also about the total distance that has been traveled. The sensors transmit data about the impact force and about the distribution of the weight as the foot lands on a surface. The Mettis Trainer® also provides data about the amount of time that separates the heel strike and the toe strike. The time intervals are reported in milliseconds.

Wireless Charger

The batteries can be fully charged in less than four hours with a wireless charger. The process is convenient and permits an athlete to recharge anywhere. The insoles can be used for 12 hours after being fully charged. The Bend Sensors® are durable and will outlast the insoles. The Mettis Trainer® is versatile and waterproof. More information about the removable insoles is available at Mettis Trainer®.com.
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